What's the difference between an anti-hero and a villain?



An antihero:

  • Is almost always the protagonist or on the same side as the protagonist (either because they support the protagonist or because they will get something out of it)
  • Has an ambiguous moral compass
  • Usually has a good outcome if they win
  • Is sympathetic to the reader
  • The opposite of a typical hero while still holding the hero’s position or duties

A villain:

  • Can be the protagonist, but is most often the antagonist (antagonist does not equal villain)
  • Is immoral
  • Usually has a chaotic outcome if they win
  • Is not supposed to be sympathetic to the reader


Everyone knows we’re in a golden age of cover design. And how does that relate to Banned Books Week? Because for some great artists and illustrators, our freedom to publish what we want means their freedom to make great, unrestricted art. So as this week closes out, we’re celebrating Noma Bar (Fear of Flying), Tomer Hanuka (Philosophy in the Boudoir), and Malika Favre (Kama Sutra) for their bold, daring artwork. Just because what’s inside the covers isn’t bashful doesn’t mean that the covers have to be!